23 juin 2005

Fampiasana sary kely

Ho an'ireo izay somary sahirana mampiasa ny sary kely dia ireto avy ny litera kely mahasolo azy.
Ohatra raha te hampiseho Vaky fo dia apetraho ny =((

=(( Vaky fo

=)) Toranmé

:-$ Chuuut

=D Tehaka

:-w Hummm

:-@ Tssss

^:^ Amen

o^o Mozika

:b Blblbl

:snif: Sniff

:miam: Miam

:@ Fooo

:D Very Happy

:) Smile

:( Sad

:o Surprised

8O Shocked

:? Confused

8) Cool

:lol: Laughing

:x Mad

:P Razz

:oops: Embarassed

:cry: Crying or Very sad

:twisted: Twisted Evil

:roll: Rolling Eyes

:wink: Wink

:!: Exclamation

:?: Question

:idea: Idea

:arrow: Arrow












:evil: Evil or Very Mad





3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

pourquoi pas:)

Anonyme a dit…


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