15 juin 2005

Valiny avy amin'ny godaddy.com

Naverin'ny godaddy.com izany ny vola nividianana an'ilay serveur
nofafainy tsotra izao. Dia hotohizana ihany ny fametrahana ny serasera
ao anatin'ny godaddy.com

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: billing@godaddy.com <billing@godaddy.com>
Date: Jun 15, 2005 1:07 AM
Subject: RE: Complaints to support
To: Eugene Heriniaina <heriniaina.eugene@gmail.com>

Dear Eugene Heriniaina,

Thank you for your email to. I apologize for you having to go through
all of this and would like to apologize on behalf of GoDaddy.com and
thank you for your continue business with us. For this I have gone
back and refunded you for that first purchase of the Virtual erver you
bought. I hope that this is something that restores a little faith in
you of us.

Dean A.

Billing Specialist

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Complaints to support
From: "Eugene Heriniaina" <heriniaina.eugene@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, June 13, 2005 8:07 pm
To: support@godaddy.com
Cc: billing@godaddy.com


This email may not have any business effect neither commercial effect
on godaddy.com but I'd rather say it to you.
What has just happened to me (custom number 3957000) is not fare for a
such well known company as godaddy.
I bought a Virtual Server from godaddy.com on 25th of May. It was then
new so I removed Plesk and put another control panel. The server
failed and I couldn't open it anymore. I asked for support if they can
remake it and they said they will charge me 50$ for that. Since there
was no data in it I said if he has undestood that what I wanted was
just to reset the server. They then said to check the server. And
that's the end of our talk on the phone.
The day after (on 26th of May) my server came back. So I thought
everything was ok... so I started to put my data in it. I've been
runing the server without any problem untill the 13th of June when it
just stopped. I called for support and they told me that my server has
just been deleted. The reason seems me having failed to pay the 50$ of
charge... and to support that, they said, they sent me an email about
it on the 26th. An email that I never received. My email is fully
working and I always receive those special offers from godaddy so it's
Just for the common sense :
- If I did not agree to pay the 50$ charge for setting up the server,
the server should not be set up. Would you set up a new server for
someone who doesn't pay you yet? That server was 2 days old when I
asked for support so when you set the server back again, I thought it
is inside the guarantee since it was set without me being billed
(neither on my paypal account, nor on any billing process)
- Even if you sent that famous email to me, if I didn't confirm for
the paid support you should'nt have done it and charge me after.
- I think it is not human to just delete everything in a server fully
working without any warning and notice where I did not go beyond your
terms of service.

Should I have any request of reparation?
No, I wouldn't... I just ask you to be more carefull and
comprehensive. I will continue to host my site with godaddy.com but
the next time you will erase everything without any reason, please
send a notice... so that I back up my data.

Thanks for your service.
Eugene Heriniaina
serasera.org - Madagascar

Tel +39 338 744 2412
Roma Italy

"Tsiky dia ampy"
Tel +39 338 744 2412

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